• Fully automatic Kodak Achive T800 CTP platesetter working in thermal technology on process-free plates – CHEMICAL-FREE MATRIXING


  • KBA RAPIDA 75 PRO – format 740×590 mm, 5 colours, CMYK + Pantone + dispersion varnish, maximum speed 15,000 sheets/hour, printing machine with ErgoTronic ColorDrive automatic inking measurement, QualiTronic ColorControl – dynamic automatic inline inking control and adjustment, drip-off effect, soft touch, high gloss, ultra matt.
  • KBA RAPIDA 75 – format 740×510 mm, 4 colours , CMYK + dispersion varnish, maximum speed 15 thousand sheets/hour
  • Konica Minolta Accurio Press – colour printing up to 330×487 mm
  • Konica Minolta Accurio Press – black and white printing up to 330×650 mm format
  • EPSON SureColor SC-P5000 VIOLET Spectro proofing system – with EFI FIERY XF 6.4 Proofing controller according to the ISO VER.3 FOGRA 52 standard
  • Sakurai format 720×520, double-sided printing in a single pass, print speed 12,000 sheets/h

  • Konica Minolta Accurio Press 6136P – black and white printing increasing our digital printing capacity to 300,000 sheets per day.


  • Fully automatic Horizon BQ 470 PUR/EVA binding machine. The device uses harmless PUR microemission adhesive technology. The binder is perfect for binding books made of the most difficult materials, heavy-duty books
  • QNB 750 Laminating fully automatic laminator for gelatine-based glue, optical adjustment with a precision of 0.5 mm, format 700×1000, speed up to 1600 sheets/hour

  • Wohlenberg collecting line, 20 stations + manual feeding section, min. format 110×75 max. 370×350 mm, capacity 6000 thousand sets/hour
  • POLAR 92 computer-controlled cutter
  • Perfecta Speed Cut 115
    paper cutting line automatic film applying machine in 530×740 mm format
  • HEIDELBERG Stahlfolder Ti 52 folding machine with inline gluing capability. Four parallel folds and one perpendicular fold.
  • The Horizon AFC 566F fully automatic folding machine, with six parallel folds and two perpendicular cassette folds followed by two cross folds, this configuration allows folding very complex instructions and various forms of advertising material.
  • Folding machine in B3 format designed for folding Micro leaflets, with a min. fold of 15 mm, by EURO FOLD.
  • Industrial binding machine from JAMES BURN
  • Die-cutting machines in A1 format x2
  • Automatic die-cutting machine in the 54×74 format
  • Laminating line in B2+ format
  • Two booklet binding lines Duplo 5000 and Duplo i600 (saddle-stitch binding) with plano sheet collection up to B3 format (saddle-stitch binding min. format 120×80 mm, max. format B4 with a capacity of 10,000 sheets per hour, collecting up to 20 plano sheets).
  • Semi-automatic hot-stamping machine for A1 format
  • 2x JAMES BURN industrial binding machines up to the width of 610 mm
  • semi-automatic RENZ spiral binding machine with staple feed up to the width of 530 mm
  • CYCLOS automatic creasing, perforating, and cutting machine
  • Automatic folding and gluing machine for packaging, eight glue points, barcode inspection, gluing of laminated packaging, possibility of applying double-sided tape in one pass, gluing cd packaging, gluing popcorn and chips packaging, e-commerce packaging.
    • Cutting and creasing plotter with automatic feed and optical fitting, B2+ format
    • automatic die cutting machine with cleaning section 760×600 mm format
    • automatic piece blanking machine
    • booklet binding line with tri-cutter

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