Company history

Poligrafia Fabisiak is a family company founded in 1991. What makes us different from large corporations is that we can be close to our customers and employees. Our main asset consists in providing the highest level of service, both in terms of the product s we offer and our professional support. Experienced staff, modern machinery, the highest quality raw materials used in production as well as constant quality control are a guarantee of satisfaction for every customer. We constantly strive to improve the l evel of our services, including by investing in new technologies and improving the qualifications of our employees. Nevertheless, regardless of the level of advancement we achieve, our philosophy towards our customers will remain the same.


Installin g Poland’s first booklet binding line, the Duplo 700i, capable of binding up to 120 pages with the option of forming the spine flat, it is our fourth booklet binding line, increasing production capacity to 400,000 copies per day


Implementing the FSC certificate


Installing a Sakurai offset machine printing both sides in one pass, increasing our capacity to 40,000 sheets per hour printed using offset technology


Installing the QNB 750 fully-automatic laminator equipped with optical fitting enabling the production of high-quality laminated packaging.


Installing a fourth Konica Minolta digital printing machine, enabling us to print manuals and warranties in any amount.


Installing a system for the retention and treatment of rainwater used for irrigation of green areas, room humidification, and powering production equipment.


Installing a third Konica Minolta Accurio Press 6136P – black and white printing increasing our digital printing capacity to 100,000 sheets per day.


Constructing a 130 kWp photovoltaic farm


Installing a third booklet binding line with a tri-cutter and cutting pieces, increasing our production capacity to 300,000 booklets per day.


The company’s 30th anniversary


Installing a new fully automatic line for the production of cardboard packaging (cuttingcreasing plotter, automatic die-cutting machine, piece blanking machine, 8-point folding and gluing machine)


Installing a new automatic folding and gluing machine for packaging, six gluing points, barcode inspection, gluing laminated packaging, possibility of applying holograms and double-sided tape in a single run, gluing cd packaging, gluing packaging for popcorn and chips.


Installing a new Kodak Achive T800 processless ctp platesetter


Installing a new fully automatic Horizon folding machine with 6+2+1+1 folding configuration

June 2018

Installing a new digitally controlled paper cutter with a cutting width of up to 115 cm

May 2018

Installing a new fully automatic booklet binding line increasing our production capacity to 200,000 booklets per day. Technical specifications: min. format 105×80 mm
max. format 350×300 mm (album binding after opening 350×600 mm)
Binding with flat staples and loop staples for binders (euro staple)
-smart sheet intake possibility of combining digital and offset prints in any configuration.


Implementing the ISO 12647 – 2:2013 standard at the prepress, press, press, postpress levels


nstalling a new EPSON SureColor SC-P5000 VIOLET Spectro proofing system – with EFI FIERY XF 6.4 Proofing Controller according to the ISO VER.3 FOGRA 52 standard


Installing a Wohlenberg collecting line


Commissioning a new production hall


Installing a new KBA RAPIDA 75 Pro printing machine in a 740×585 mm print format, 5 colours + dispersion varnish with Qualitronic colour control system for dynamic inline colour control and adjustment and ERGOTRONIC Colordrive automatic saturation measurement.


Implementing a production management system MIS and ERP


New fully automatic Horizon BQ 470 PUR/EVA binder. The device uses harmless PUR microemission adhesive technology. The binder is perfect for binding books made of the most difficult materials, heavy-duty books


Installing a semi-automatic spiral binding line from RENZ


Installing an Epson 9800 proofing system in A1 format printing in 11 colours


Joining the Rzetelna Firma (Reliable Company) program.

Installing a line for booklet binding (saddle-stitch binding) with the possibility of collecting plano sheets (saddle-stitch binding up to 80 p./min. format 120×105 mm, max. format B4 with a capacity of 5000 pcs. per hour, collection of up to 20 plano sheets).


Installing a flatbed die-cutting machine in A1 format

Installing a HOT-STAMPING machine (A3 thermopress)

The company’s 20th anniversary


Installing a new CTP platesetter machine


Installing a KBA RAPIDA 75 printing machine


Installing a packaging film machine

Installing a glued binding machine

Implementing the ISO 9001 quality management system. Investing in modernising and expanding the machinery park.

Installation of a HEIDELBERG STAHLFOLDER Ti 52 B2 EXTRA format folder


Installing a new digitally controlled paper cutter with a cutting width of up to 92 cm


Installing the DELTA foiling machine


The company relocates

Purchasing a Polly 266 dual-colour machine

Founding the company


We plan targets that we can actually achieve. Our actions are based on established values and clear principles.

We are positive that environmental laws and economic laws go hand in hand: they constitute two sides of the same coin. This conviction powers our vision and gives rise to the goals we want to achieve.

We also make sure that nothing is lost in the process of achieving these objectives. Wastage is something we don’t want, especially in the face of bureaucratic pressure from everincreasing compliance requirements. When creating value, we act carefully, accurately, truthfully, and attentively. We accept our responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees, and the environment.


We are taking action against climate change.

We also have an impact on global warming. But we do a lot to reduce our negative effect on the environment.

Apart from building our own photovoltaic farm and storing rainwater, we are investing in electricity-powered vehicles.


Our company does not have employees, it has partners.

We are a place for strong personalities that form relationships by working together in order to create our vision and turn it into reality.

This turns our employees into partners, making everyone take personal responsibility for their own actions.


We select the best for the benefit of our clients.

We have many partners, small, medium, and large companies supply us with their goods and support us with services.

We carefully select each of them to make sure they share our values and care about the quality and safety of their products.


Ties that stand the test of time.

We are meticulous when it comes to choosing suppliers, especially when it comes to supplying paper. Given that paper makes up the largest part of our orders, we know each of our partners.

We remain in regular contact with each of these suppliers. As soon as the quality no longer meets our requirements and the problem is not fixed, we say STOP.

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